Ahh another photography book! I just uploaded this one :)

I love black and white pictures, there is something about them, melancholy, nostalgia, romanticism, elegance … landscapes and people just look different, better sometimes, well, it’s just my taste … I selected just a few pictures of the hundreds and hundreds that I took in different countries … France, Morocco, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, USA, Belgium, Spain … ahh it wasn’t easy to select them, I may need to make another one with a different theme … I also selected a few quotes from writers, philosophers and artists such as Eduardo Galeano, Rumi and Frida Khalo …

Nice ride in Key West Florida


… A Journey called India

Ahh I remember it .. I smell it .. I go back to this place again and again, specially when I want to run away from a crazy reality, I run away to this sacred space (with a population of 2 billion people!) …I go back sometimes every day, sometimes every month … India, this place that I am sure saw me a few life times ago … I made this book when I returned in 2010, no Photoshop, just pictures that don’t express what I felt .. impossible! .. but they are dearly next to my heart, and printed in this book.     A Journey Called India

My book in 2010

My book in 2010

My Journey to India …

I created an album honoring the amazing experience I had in India. That was my first post in this blog: … a Journey called India, my book! which has the compilation of pictures and a few thoughts that I took and wrote, while realizing a dream, a big one … a dream that took me to the other side of the world, just to see, smell and feel what India is like …

Why India? …  I don’t even remember the moment in which I decided to pursue this dream, I just found myself loving a country that I’ve never visited before … it was  yoga, it was the “largest democracy” in the world, it was their colors, their food, their religions, the way they dress, their music, their mysticism … I don’t know, but I had to be there …

I haven’t travel as much as I would like, 3 countries in Europe, (Italy, Spain and France  – a few cities in each country -), some cities in USA, and a few more in Canada … besides my own country, Mexico, I haven’t had the chance to visit another developing country so I knew what to expect in India regarding the poor conditions… I knew how it feels to see tough images of the poor, and their living conditions…

Well, since I love photography, and since I love my yoga, and since I also love this mysticism that I felt India had, I wanted to explore a bit of everything, unfortunately for a month and a half it was going to be hard to do all what I wanted to do, but I decided to enjoy it as much as I could! And I was absolutely surprised by what I found!

It was the trip of my life! (so far) … once back, it took me a while to get used to Vancouver again, actually to the people mostly … our behaviors are different! .. I loved the way Indians looked at me. They looked into my eyes in a different way … people keep asking me about the highlights of this trip … it’s just hard to pick a few moments! India has lots of problems, but their spirituality, traditions, the way they see things, they are just “alive” all the time, no matter what … I met tourists that were very disappointed by the country, but I also met tourists that just decided to stay for a few more “months” there! (I wish I could do that!) … India has been the most interesting country I’ve ever visited, I met fantastic people there, I made good friends, and somehow I feel that I went to India to meet with myself, maybe a past life, maybe my heart was so open that I felt that way … I came back happy, inspired, with a new God to pray to, with a new perspective of life! .. Namaste!

Amazing Photographer

Ralph Gibson …

Looking at his website, his pictures, listening to his voice, full of confidence, trying to understand the way he sees things and from where he gets inspiration …it’s just fantastic to see that sometimes photography chooses its disciples … Ralph said: I didn’t choose photography, photography choose me… is that possible?

..a Journey Called India

My first photography book! ..It’s finally in my hands! .. it took me 2 months to finish it; it wasn’t easy selecting 100 images (from 600) and writing a little bit about my experience in India … but I enjoyed the process, it’s like I was traveling again .. all the memories and experiences were vivid in my mind again … and here it is! . printed, with all my love ..

Check it out!